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TanTowel Full Body Plus 10 pack

TanTowel Full Body Plus 10 pack

TanTowel Full Body Plus 10 pack

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TanTowel Full Body Plus offers the same easy-to-apply natural-looking glow provided by TanTowel Classic towelettes, but for a deeper tan perfect for medium to dark skin tones or regular tanners. Its no wonder the TanTowel Full Body Plus towelettes were featured in Allure Magazines Best of Beauty 2010. You only need one full body size towelette to tan your entire body. TanTowel Full Body Plus towelettes have pulp fibers that exfoliate skin, leaving it soft and uniformly tanned. The TanTowel Full Body Plus towelettes have a citrusy scent that disappears within 5 minutes. Its an odorless, no-mess tan that does not streak. Control the ultimate level of your sun-kissed glow with the number of applications you use.
Wondering Which Tan Towel is right for you?


  • For a medium to dark tan
  • Even, natural-looking glow
  • Processes within 2 to 4 hours
  • Easy to apply & Odorless
  • Does not steak, discolor rough patches
  • Color accelerator for a faster, deeper and darker color

One towelette will cover the whole body.  Always start with a clean, dry body.  Completely unfold sunless tanning towelettes and wipe all over skin.  Continue applying until the towelette is dry.  Immediately after applying, thoroughly wash your hands.  Get dressed once TanTowel is dry to the touch (approximately 1 minute).  Wait 4 hours before moisturizing.  For a deeper tan, apply another TanTowel Plus towelette after 4 hours.   Use 2 to 3 times weekly to maintain your tan.


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