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Bio Ionic Agave Healing Vapor Iron 1.25" w/Vapor Infusion 4 oz.

Bio Ionic Agave Healing Vapor Iron 1.25" w/Vapor Infusion 4 oz.

Bio Ionic Agave Healing Vapor Iron 1.25" w/Vapor Infusion 4 oz.

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Bio Ionic Agave Healing Vapor Iron 1.25" w/ Vapor Infusion is a vapor iron with a deep conditioning treatment. This treatment smoothens and restores hair that has been damaged. This iron transforms your frizzy hair efficiently without burning or damaging. With this iron you can straighten, curl, or wave hair conveniently. 


  • No Parabens
  • Thermal activated leave in conditioner
  • Different settings for different hair types


Fill the Vapor Iron Cartridge with Vapor Infusion and replace into the iron. Plug in and switch on the iron. Select the correct iron temperature setting according to the hair type being applied.

Disclaimer is not an authorized reseller of Bio Ionic. We guarantee all products sold are new and 100% authentic.


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(1.4 based on 2 reviews)


  • Jenna

  • location: PA
  • Sep 04, 2019

This is the best straightener I've ever used. I bought mine off Amazon, although the steam part stopped working less than a week later, I didn't care because it still worked amazing. I have naturally SUPER thick, course, curly hair that is bleached. I've tried many straighteners and this is by far the best and has cut down the time it takes also by so much. Somehow I lost mine or it got stolen I'm not sure but I am here to order another one because I cant stand using this other straightener I had sitting in my cabinet!!!

Would not reccomend

  • Jeannette

  • location: Pa
  • Jul 12, 2016

I watched a lot of reviews before I purchased this flat iron. Everyone said that it was the best new thing after a month of using it I still have fly aways, I don't think it straightens as well as my much cheaper one and now oil is leaking out. I followed the directions to a T

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