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Bosley Follicle Nourisher 2.5 oz

Bosley Follicle Nourisher 2.5 oz

Bosley Follicle Nourisher 2.5 oz

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Use Bosley Follicle Nourisher to prep your scalp before using thinning hair treatments. This concentrated leave-in scalp primer increases the scalps absorption ability and intensifies the effects of other treatments. Bosley Follicle Nourisher has ingredients that replenish follicles. While priming the scalp for thinning hair treatments, Bosley Follicle Nourisher hinders toxins like DHT (a primary cause of thinning hair).

Bosley Follicle Nourisher Benefits:

  • Primer for thinning hair treatments
  • Increases absorption in the scalp
  • Hinders toxins such as DHT
  Apply to scalp in areas of thinning hair.
  Follow with the application of a second treatment of choice.
  Use twice per day.




(3.8 based on 4 reviews)

Great product

  • Bizzle

  • location:
  • May 19, 2020

Really like this product


  • Jennifer

  • location: Georgia
  • Dec 17, 2016

Not sure yet yet about this product. I am optimistic and hopefully. It makes your hair a little oily so that is the downfall but I am hoping its moisturizing my scalp which I think is great. So I will continue to use it and hope in 3 months I have thicker hair. I am using the full line of Bosley products I got from the beauty site and very excited and hopefully. I am thrilled with the prices in this site. I had purchased these products from my hairdresser and it was double the cost. This site is awesome.

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