Toppik Conditioner 8.5 oz

Toppik Conditioner 8.5 oz


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Use Toppik Keratinized Hair Building Conditioner daily following Toppek Keratinized Hair Building Shampoo to thicken fine or thinning hair. The thickening conditioner locks thickness into the hair and seals it with strengthening amino acids. Toppek Keratinized Hair Building Conditioner contains an advanced complex of hair building keratin proteins, the same protein that makes up your natural hair. Adding keratin protein to your hair strengthens, thickens, volumizes and adds shine to it. You will notice instant thickening of your hair immediately after. Using Toppek Keratinized Hair Building Conditioner every day will continually thicken your hair.



  • Hair thickening conditioner
  • Thickens and strengthens thin hair
  • Infused with Keratin Protein
  • Continually thickens with every use

Directions: Apply Toppik Conditioner to your hair and let it sit for at least 60 seconds. Rinse well. Style hair as desired and apply any treatments or styling products.