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BeautyBlender liner.designer Pro

BeautyBlender liner.designer Pro

BeautyBlender liner.designer Pro

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BeautyBlender liner-designer eyeliner application tool is a triple-edged eyeliner guide that’s perfect for using with pencils, gels, and liquid eyeliners. This products features three distinct sides, each designed for a different look, will help provide a steady hand and make it easy to create liner symmetry.


  • Perfect to achieve different looks
  • Has a straight edge that is flexible and will stay in place when gently placed against the skin
  • 5X magnifying mirror


Attach the compact to a hard surface using the suction cup and place at eye level. Use the mirror with a 5X magnifier for an eagle eye view to better apply your eyeliner. Rub liner.designer in between your hands to warm up the eyeliner tool for 10-15 seconds. Place the pointed corner of liner.designer on the outside edge of your eye when applying eyeliner using a sharp pencil or liquid eyeliner to create a design of your choice (the slightly tacky coating allows for the tool to adhere to the face to help keep it in place). For a more dramatic cat eye, use the long, straight side to draw out and elongate a curved, long wing. For a subtle cat eye, use the shorter, curved side to create a straighter wing. Use liner.designer to line the bottom of the eyes by using the larger, curved side applying liner to the bottom inner and outer corners in a smooth, clean line. Store in compact for easy use.




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