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Nutrafol for Women 120 Caps

Nutrafol for Women 120 Caps

Nutrafol for Women 120 Caps

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Nutrafol for Women 120 Caps solves hair-health issues by starting at the root using clinically tested nutraceutical ingredients. 2,800 mg in a daily dose rebalances the damaging DHT and stress hormone levels which compromise the health and hair production of follicles.


  • Contains a select group of botanicals that combat stress and restore balance to the body and DHT inhibitors
  • Acts to restore follicles by neutralizing micro-inflammation
  • Significantly increase the body's natural levels of antioxidants


To enhance the digestion and absorption of our key bioactive ingredients, we recommend taking four capsules daily with any meal, any time of day.




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  • Nov 04, 2019

I'm giving this as a gift for someone who can't afford it. She LOVES the thought of it, but says her progress has been slow.

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