Cosmedix Purity Solution 3.3 oz

Cosmedix Purity Solution 3.3 oz


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Cosmedix Purity Solution is a two-in-one makeup remover and cleanser with a nutrient-rich blend of radiance-boosting oils that gently melt away dirt, oil, makeup and impurities for a hydrated, healthy-looking glow.


  • Removes makeup and impurities without stripping skin of natural moisture
  • Helps to purify skin for a smoother-looking complexion
  • Aids in nourishing the complexion with radiance-boosting vitamins

Directions: Dispense a grape-sized amount into palm and massage gently over dry skin until all areas of the face have been saturated with oil. Then, dampen hands and rinse clean to remove oil and skin debris for a thorough, but gentle cleansing.