Jane Iredale Blending Brush

Jane Iredale Blending Brush


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Jane Iredale Blending Brush is a dual-length brush ideal for powder or cream based foundation products. With goat hair and Taklon nylon, it is a versatile brush that creates a light, airbrushed effect for a flawless looking finish. It can be used with Dream Tint, Amazing Base, Powder-Me SPF and more. 


  • Can be used with cream or dry products
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Fiber combination helps brush last

Directions: Using your ring finger, dot Dream Tint on forehead, nose and chin. Using the Blending Brush, begin in the middle of the forehead and blend product down and out toward the temporal region. Continue blending over the nose and chin in a downward motion, then sweep the brush out over the cheeks toward the ears until the product is blended into the skin. Amazing Base: To create a wash type effect, place loose minerals on the Stainless Steel Palette, apply a nickel size amount of moisturizer or moisten with your choice of hydrating sprays, and blend together. Apply with the Blending Brush using a downward motion; for a flawless finish, sweep Blending Brush over face in a circular motion once minerals have dried. Powder-Me SPF: Apply Tanned Powder-Me SPF to desired area of body and spritz with your choice of hydrating sprays. Use the Blending Brush in a circular motion to blend product into the skin for a flawless looking tan and SPF 30. Brush-Me Bronze: Apply Brush-Me Bronze to the area of the skin you want to bronze; spritz with hydrating spray. Use the Blending Brush in a circular motion to blend product until you have a flawless looking tan. This works well when covering large areas like legs.