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Quintessence Green Tea Toner 6.75 oz

Quintessence Green Tea Toner 6.75 oz

Quintessence Green Tea Toner 6.75 oz

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Quintessence Green Tea Toner helps balance the skin’s natural pH levels as well as re-hydrate and restore skins natural acid mantle. This daily toner soothes irritated skin, tones and conditions with natural solvents and astringents to dissolve residual oils and waxes and adds antioxidants, vitamins and other extracts.


  • Soothes iritated skin
  •  Aloe Vera Gel and Cucumber accelerate healing and renewal of damaged skin.
  •  Vitamin E helps to maintain epidermal barrier function.


Apply liberally to a cotton pad or cosmetic pad and smooth over the entire face and neck areas. Allow it to dry and a second application may be applied if the skin is extremely dehydrated.




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