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Avene Antirougeurs FORT Soothing Concentrate 1 oz

Avene Antirougeurs FORT Soothing Concentrate 1 oz

Avene Antirougeurs FORT Soothing Concentrate 1 oz

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Avene Antirougeurs FORT Relief Concentrate is formulated with sapon-enriched Ruscus Extract to increase microcirculation, decrease skin reactivity and reduce the appearance of redness associated with rosacea. This formula also reduces heat sensations and irritation, improves the appearance of blood vessels, decongests the complexion. This product allows for easy application on irritated skin due to its soft, velvety texture. Use in monotherapy or as a complement to medical treatments. This formula is also paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.


  • Reduces redness & irritation
  • Decreases sensitivity
  • Increases microcirculation


Apply to affected areas (cheeks and wings of the nose) as an intensive treatment. Use daily following with Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25 in the daytime.




(1.8 based on 2 reviews)

Elixir for Rosacea

  • RadioSilence

  • location: MA
  • Aug 06, 2018

I can't believe there is a product that actually *soothes* my skin. As the other reviewer, I've also had laser treatments (IPL) for broken capillaries, as well as redness and pustules that not only eroded my confidence, but also hurt like hell. Recently, I had a flare which left me with a massive fever blister that is still inflamed. (Sorry if this is graphic). After applying a tiny dab on it, the pain significantly decreased. After applying it to the reddest areas (nose, cheeks, and chin), my poor skin finally felt some relief. I've dealt with Rosacea for decades. This is the best my skin has ever felt. Soothed and protected. Based on my results already, I have high hopes that this product will make a significant difference. A little goes a long way. A million thanks!

Positve. I definitely recommend it.

  • Janet

  • location: New York
  • Jun 15, 2018

Happily surprised that it actually works! I've undergone laser therapy, which works, but is really painful and I dreaded doing it again. This stuff worked from the first application. It doesn't completely take my broken capillaries away, but they're far less noticeable -- and I mean practically invisible. I highly recommend this product.

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