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Wet Brush Squirt- Happy Hair Emoji

Wet Brush Squirt- Happy Hair Emoji

Wet Brush Squirt- Happy Hair Emoji

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Wet Brush Classic Squirt-Happy Hair Emoji with its fun design, it is the perfect tool to detangle wet or dry hair. Thanks to its smaller size, it fits your purse perfectly and is great for kids, as it provides pain-free detangling.The Wet Brush Squirt Classic's Intelliflex bristles are strong yet soft, making the brush ideal to tame unruly hair and eliminate tangles and knots without snagging. With a firm grip and super thin, flexible bristles, this hair brush will leave you with a super sleek, detangled hair.


  • Detangles hair with ease and without pain
  • Works great on wet or dry hair
  • Great for men, women and kids


Comb through wet or dry hair.




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